Leadership & Structure

As we are an emerging grassroots level group, we are not currently incorporated nor do we have officers.  If you are interested in leading a committee, or helping out in some way, please contact us.  The suggested time commitment is 1-3 hours per month.  We do not charge membership fees.

Committee Leadership

    1. Steering Committee Chairperson: Kathy Leitch, Renaissance Montessori School
      1. Kathy Leitch, Renaissance Montessori School
      2. Beverly McGhee, Alexander Montessori Schools
      3. James McGhee, Alexander Montessori Schools
      4. Tim Seldin, The Montessori Foundation
    2. Advocacy Committee Chairperson: Josie Hill, Lakeland Montessori Public Charter Schools
      1. School Types
        1. Charter – Josie Hill, Lakeland Montessori Public Charter Schools
        2. Public schools – Josie Hill, Lakeland Montessori Public Charter Schools
        3. Independent Schools
          1. Early Childhood (0-5 years old) – TBD
          2. School Age (K-12) – Robin Howe, NewGate International Montessori IB School
      2. Scholarships & Subsidized Programs – TBD
        1. Voluntary PreKindergarten (VPK) – TBD
        2. Florida Tax Credit, McKay, Gartiner (fka PLSA) – TBD
    3. Communication Committee Chair – James Farwell, Montessori School of Fort Myers


Committee Descriptions

The Steering Committee is responsible for oversight of the Alliance. Under the direction of the chair, committee members’ responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining and Implementing the vision and mission of the Alliance
  • Responsible for strategic planning- direction and decisions for the work of the Alliance
  • Appoint a treasurer responsible for financial needs, initiatives and records
  • Appoint a secretary responsible for keeping minutes and records of the steering committee and creating an agenda with the assistance of other committee members.
  • Oversight of Communications and Advocacy Committees
  • Oversight of public relations in the Montessori community and state agencies
  • Serve as a resource for committee chairs

Much of this committee’s work is done as a collaborative effort.  Individual effort on a particular task are under the direction of the chair and at the discretion of the committee members.  The Steering Committee meets at least once per month to review the work of the other committees.  The chairs of the advocacy and communications committees will report on their groups’ efforts.  Other items for review and discussion will be placed on an agenda as needed.


The Communications Committee is responsible for all internal and external communication for the Alliance.  This chair of this committee is responsible for determining needed sub-committees and volunteers to engage in the tasks of the sub-committee.

Under the direction of the chair, committee members’ responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining the MAF website – this person is responsible for adding content, making needed changes, posting announcements of interests and Calls to Action, and keeping the website responsive to the growing needs of the Alliance and the Florida Montessori community. Other committee chairs may provide content for posting on the website.
  • Marketing and social media for the Alliance – this person is responsible for maintaining the Facebook page, determining best methods for making the Florida Montessori community aware of the state alliance, and sharing efforts and successes of the Alliance with the public.
  • Disseminating a newsletter to the Florida Montessori community on a regular basis to provide updates about the work of the Alliance, policy impacts on Montessori education, and other news of interest to the community. Content will be provided by each committee and/or sub-group as it is available.
  • Maintenance of the MAF School Census database.
  • Responding to requests, questions and concerns expressed through email to the website and making referral to the correct committee or sub-group.
  • Data Collection through surveys, phone banks, or other methods on an on needed basis.
  • Posting of Alliance documents and meeting minutes to the MAF Google drive
  • Email communications with the Florda Montessori community through Mail Chimp as needed
  • Reporting efforts of the committee to the Steering Committee

The Advocacy Committee is responsible monitoring public policy as it may impact the Montessori community in Florida. Under the direction of the chair, committee members’ responsibilities will include:

  • Researching current educational and child care policy, rules and regulations, and state initiatives.
  • Determine areas of impact on Montessori education.
  • Propose and plan needed advocacy efforts the Alliance needs to engage with/in.
  • Develop a resource list of agencies, key stakeholders and program leadership in state agencies, state board of education, and legislature.
  • Work closely with the Communications committee to provide information that will be shared with the Montessori community.
  • Develop, propose and plan a consumer/public awareness campaign to increase understanding and visibility of high quality Montessori education in FL.

Advocacy Committee Sub-groups include:

  • Charter Schools
  • Public Schools
  • Independent Schools – early childhood
  • Independent Schools – K-12
  • Scholarships and Subsidized Programs
    • VPK and School Readiness
    • FL Tax credit, McKay, Gartiner