Legislation & Regulation

As various issues arise that affect Montessori education in the State of Florida, its helpful to know your local representatives.  Click below to find your local representatives:

  1. Florida State Senate
  2. Florida State House of Representatives
  3. U.S. Senate
  4. U.S. House of Representatives

Regulation for Florida Montessori schools is set primary by:

  1. 0 – 5 years old: Florida Department of Children and Families
  2. Kindergarten – 12th Grade: Florida Department of Education
  3. Local county health departments

There are also voucher programs, scholarships, and other tuition assistance programs which affect Florida Montessori schools.  The rules and regulations for such programs affect wither or not Montessori schools can accept such funds for families.  Here are some of the larger programs that affect us:

  1. Florida’s Voluntary PreKindergarten Program.
  2. Florida’s School Readiness Program
  3. Florida Tax Credit Scholarship
  4. McKay Scholarship
  5. Personal Learning Scholarship Account Program